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"I had Tree Md come to my home and gave me a very Reasonable Price for cutting down two trees. John was a   very nice and polite man, as for he did a Wonderful job in cutting down the trees and cleaning up the mess. 

 I would recommend him highly. Very Professional..." -Sharon A. Mckay Medford, Or                                                     


"We had just moved to Southern Oregon during the heavy snow year and our new home had several trees located close to the back of the house. Our home has a steep driveway and the trees we located on the back of a sloped mountain side. My husband and I got several quotes for the job. We needed 6 trees removed due to potential damage to our new home. We noticed that several of the contractors wanted to charge us more money because they couldn't drive their boom lift truck up our driveway to help them do less work. How does that make sense? Other contractors gave us the impression that because we live in a nicer area that their outrageous prices wouldn't seem abnormal to us. We were getting quotes for thousands of dollars, it was outrageous. A lot of the contractors liked to ask a lot of questions to get a feel for what seemed to me, how much money we made to figure out how much to charge us. The quotes we becoming a nightmare!  The last 2 contractors we saw seemed more honest then most, Tree MD was one of those two. The owner John spoke we me without my husband and took the time to explain the process and why the work would take time. He didn't make me feel because my husband wasn't around that I was being treated unless, like a silly housewife who doesn't know anything. He walked all over my property and did a thorough evaluation for safety for himself and his crew before quoting me the job cost. He made me feel like I mattered as a customer and that he would be careful and respectful of my other plants and furniture I might have outside. A lot of contractors are messy and inconsiderate of home owners belongings and leave trash etc.., but Tree MD isn't one of those contractors. I would highly recommend Tree MD for any tree service if you want an honest and reliable quote. By the way they climbed the trees to cut them down."- Steven Velasquez Grants Pass, Or


"He has done several jobs for my family, top notch!"- Brad Strawn Medford, Or


"Several years ago John had done some tree work at several properties we own an did an awesome job. A couple days ago a 50' pine tree fell over so I called John. He was able to come over the next day and take care of it. He spent all day cutting, cleaning up and hauling it away.  Again an awesome job. I'd recommend him to anyone."- Bill S. Medford, Or


"Hard worker, careful, considerate, honest and affordable. What more could you want in a contractor?"- Crystal Roby Talent, Or

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